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Electronic Procurement Platform (EPP) is an advanced system for electronic auctions for the public sector and business. The platform is based in the Polish legislation and precisely meets the requirements of the Public Procurement Act and the Civil Code. The EPP was designed specifically for the Polish public procurement as the first in Poland.

SOLDEA was established in 2004 as an entity specializing in the support for e-procurement processes. The company manages and develops software for Electronic Procurement Platform and implements its clients with electronic procurement procedures. Now we are the leader in this segment of the market in Poland.

Our customers are mainly public administration as well as the business sector, they saved through EPP hundreds of millions of euros.

A strategic partner of the company is Asseco Data Systems S.A. , the leader in certification services related to electronic signatures. Our system received more than 100,000 offers electronic signature signed.

We offer:

For all in the public sector and the business we offer full support for:

  • preparation procedures and documentation for both the purchase and sale of movable by electronic auctions
  • trainings
  • selection strategy and optimal auction scenario

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